Ph.D. in ETMAP (Emergent Technologies and Media Art Practices), University of Colorado, Boulder. 2023
MFA in Studio Art (transmedia), the University of Texas at Austin. 2019
MA, School of Arts, Gent, Belgium. 2014
BFA in painting, University of Kerman, Iran. 2012

Awards, and Residences
Foriegn Objekt Residency, Deep Objekt [0]: Agency at the Computational Turn. 2024
Denver Digerati Artist Residency, Denver, CO 2024
Raymond Johnson award, CMCI, University of Colorado, Boulder. 2022
The New Centre for Research & Practice Fellowship. 2021
NEST Fellowship, University of Colorado, Boulder. 2021
Graduate School Continuing Fellowship, College of Fine Arts, the University of Texas at Austin. 2018
SOMA Summer Residency, Mexico City, Mexico. 2018
Bruton Fellowship, College of Fine Arts, the University of Texas at Austin. 2017
Graduate Fellowship, the University of Texas at Austin. 2017

Professional Experience
2020 - co-founder of art platform, In collaboration with Laurids Andersen Sonne, Boulder, CO
2014 - Founder of Asayeshgah Art Platform, Kerman, Iran
2012 to 2013 - Curator Intern, Croxhapox experimental art platform, Ghent, Belgium

March 2024 - the end of us Performance at Evans School with August Black, Denver, CO
September 2023 - Welcome to the Here and Now, Digerati Emergent Media Festival, Denver, CO
August 2023 - Doc Arts, Mimesis Documentary Festival, NEST, Boulder, CO
September 2022 - Future Forging: Mythos of the Cybernaut, Supernova 7th Dimension at Experience Gallery, Denver, CO
June 2022 - Possibles, at ISEA 2022, Barcelona, Spain
May 2022 - Return, at Kandovan, Tehran. Iran
May 2022 - Open Air Media Festival at Public Space One, Iowa City. IA
November 2021 - Digital Native, at TBC Concept galleries as part of Tbilisi Oxygen Biennial, Tbilisi, Georgia
September 2021 - Operational Light, Boulder, CO
August 2021 - Doc Arts, Mimesis Documentary Festival, Boulder, CO
September 2020 - Single Sentence publishing, presented by CONQUIT Gallery as part of Maiden LA, Los Angeles, CA
April 2020 - (online), Tehran, Iran
February 2020 - Video In/Video Out, CONQUIT Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
August 2019 - Yard Video Festival, AG Galerie, Tehran Iran
July 2019 - No. 15, BIT projects series, Kerman, Iran
May 2019 - Hero Ready: Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibition, Visual Art Center, Austin, TX
March 2019 - No. 69, BIT projects series, Tehran, Iran
July 2018 - Paperweight biennale, Mexico City, Mexico
March 2018 - Leave Well Enough Alone, Magic the Gallery, Austin, TX
February 2018 - Subjective Perspective, The Dude Ranch Gallery, Austin, TX
November 2017 - 11 Strangers, Visual Art Center, Austin, TX
July 2017 - Invisible Present Tense 2.0, video program Kunstraum Potsdam, Berlin, Germany
April 2017 - Remote Homecoming Chapter Two, Limited Access Festival 7, Tehran, Iran
October 2015 - Bits and Pieces, Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran
December 2014 - Wandering Islands 3, Limited Access Festival 5, Tehran, Iran
January 2014 - Wild Horses & Trojan Horses, Group Exhibition/Marres, House of Contemporary Culture, Maastricht, Netherlands
June 2013 - KASK week Master show, Royal Academy of Art, Gent, Belgium
May 2013 - Home Sweet Homeless, ZwarteZaal Gallery, Gent, Belgium
May 2013 - BitMap Project, Zwart Wild Gallery, Gent, Belgium
June 2013 - 1day Master in KIOSK Gallery, Gent, Belgium

Talks & Publications
The limits of observation: ethnofiction and documentary horizons, at Royal Anthropological Institute, RAI Film Festival, London, UK. 2023.
PrtScn: The Lazy Art of Screenshot, Published by the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2022
xCoAx, virtual exhibition and conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, online, Graz, Austria, 2021

Curatorial Projects
October 2015 - No. 141618, BIT projects series, Kerman, Iran
December 2014 - Metaassemblage, Limited Access Festival 5, Vista Gallery, No.6 Gallery, Tehran, Iran
March 2014 - Breath From a Warm Locale, Croxhapox art platform, Ghent, Belgium
July 2013 - POV, Window to Contemporary Art in Iran, Croxhapox art platform, Ghent Belgium
May 2013 - BitMap Project, International art festival, Based on“By Artist, For Artist”, Zwart wild platform, Gent, Belgium

Web site publication/as an author

Greetings from Iran
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