(October 2015), Kerman, Iran

From the Bone in Throat l'action
"Bone in Throat" is a critical interaction toward art's condition in the contemporary scene, in which the pragmatic and the social have been marginalised and is no longer a threat. It is evident that the audience, the artWork, and the creator (The authoritative minority) are employed in this triangle without any concern about what courts outside. Bone In throat's approach is a collective interaction in order to experience the experimental in the art scene. The goal of this approach is to make a gateway for creator, artwork, and the audience to break free from the traditional presentation platforms (the white cubes) in order to let them enter into a space with not identity.
At the end of each and every project, the mentioned triangle will return to mentioned identified place. The process of performing each project is based on the interaction among artists, curators, and the free art platforms which collection would be chosen by a collective whole. This collective whole will go runding (as a flaneur) the cities in order to find a place to present the artworks.

Jafar Sadeghi
Ramin Roshandel