December 2014 at Limited Access Festival 5, Tehran, Iran

Art can be a liberating alternative. It is especially a haven to reflect on how we are in the world and what we imagine to be real and true. What is special about art is also the fact that the artist is free to develop his ideas without being hampered by rigorous scientific methods or academic dogma; it can create a space in which the artists’ concerns are being reflected through other registers: a creative play with images, settings, stories, facts, and styles.
This collection is selected freely among artworks with aesthetics of art production and various strategies which artists incorporate in the practice of making videos as a flexible medium and with a focus on their challenge along the way. Metaassemblage puts together various works from video performance to re-enactment and from found footage to technological re-rendering of images. With their departure points often contrasting, artists contributing to Metaassemblage use their visual inspirations and delicate techniques wisely to escape from the frames that would box them in by offering channels to communicate their socio-political/aesthetic visual questions openly.

Emmanuel Van der Auwera (Belgium)
Kipras Dubauskas (Lithuania)
Benjamin Verhoeven (Belgium)
Loukia Alavanou (Greece)
Jura Shust (Belarus)